NEB | Compulsory English | Class 11 | Question Paper 2076 (2019) | Subject Code: 002B

Grade 11/XI Compulsory English Question Paper 2076/2019.

NEB Compulsory English Class 11 Question Paper 002b of the year 2076-2019. Check and download in pdf format – National Examinations Board (NEB) exam paper of Compulsory English subject of the year 2076-2019.

National Examinations Board [NEB]

Compulsory English – Class 11

Examination – 2076 (2019)

Regular Students | Subject Code: 002 ‘B’

Time – 3 hrs

Full Marks – 100

Pass Marks –  35

DOWNLOAD in PDF | NEB Question Paper (Exam Paper) of Class 12 | Compulsory English | 2076 [2019] | Subject Code-002B.

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Download in PDF | NEB Compulsory English | Question (Exam) Paper| Subject Code-002B | 2076/2019.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.


a) Rewrite the following sentences choosing the correct word from the pairs given in brackets. [3]

i) When will the new (Principal/Principle) take his responsibility?

ii) Do not disturb, students are (giving/taking) examination now.

iii) The proverb says, “As you (so/sow), so shall you reap”.

iv) The leader says, “I am between the devil and the deep (see/sea).

v) (Excess/access) of anything is harmful.

vi) It is good to buy milk products from a (diary/dairy).

b) Write the present participle and past participle of the following verbs. [2]

i) go

ii) put

iii) ring

iv) read


a) Put the following words in correct order so that they make meaningful sentences. [2]

i) nine/slaves/a/time/stitch/in

ii) it/two/make/to/takes/quarrel/a

b) Rewrite the following sentences using the verbs in brackets in correct tense. [3]

i) We (get) up at 4:30 yesterday morning.

ii) Time and tide (wait) for none.

iii) When does the new routine (come) into effect?

iv) We (have) our meal at college when we were at college.

v) Listen! someone (knock) at the gate.

vi) We must (submit) our assignment in time.

3. Compose a dialogue between two friends discussing about the academic environment of college and their preparation for examination. [5]

4. Answer any two of the following questions. [2×10=20]

a. Why does Janet Wilson ask Kim to go to her parents’ farm? How far does she follow Kim? Does Kim reach her parents’ farm? (The Recurring Dream)

b. What are the advantages and disadvantages of fuel crisis? Who will be affected much by the storage of fuel? (Nightmare Life Without Fuel)

c. Why does Helen Turrell feel uneasy to call Michael her son openly as other mothers do? What could be the truth behind not being able to call him her son during the day? (The Gardner)

5. Answer any three of the following questions. [3×5=15]

a. Why does the loving mother stop coming to the Pharmacy after she is able to take the pharmacist her home? How many times does she struggle to get the attention of the pharmacist? (The Loving Mother)

b. Explain the statement “Many Things fell that year.” (Look at a Tea Cup)

c. Is unchopping a tree possible? What does the essay suggest about conservation and against deforestation? (Unchopping a Tree)

d. Why does Malini banish herself from the palace? Why do the Brahmins bring her back to the palace? (Malini)

6. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follows: [5×2=10]

Newspapers are a great power in themselves. They are a great power to be reckoned with so much so that even every mighty and influential persons in politics, industries or social life can’t dare to face their hostility. Their freedom and power is of vital significance in democratic countries. They work as the watchdogs of democracy, human rights and individual freedom. They fill the gap between the public and the government and administration by working as a bridge and meaningful means of dialogue.

They are not only one of the mass media but much more. They keep the public informed about the policies, programmes and plannings of the government and record the people’s reactions, views, opinions, etc. They help in making public opinion as nothing else can do. Personal freedom is the essence of democracy and it is reflected in the freedom and influence of the press and the newspapers. Newspapers should have full freedom to criticise, condemn, warn, encourage and appreciate the working of the governments based on their merit. It is the vigilant and investigate journalism and brave fearless and daring newspapers which have exposed many scandals, scams, mis-deeds and corruption of the governments throughout the globe. 


a. What is the function of newspapers in a democratic country?

b. Name the different types of people on whom newspapers exercise power?

c. How do the newspapers help public?

d. What type of freedom do the newspapers should have?

e. How have the newspapers worked and what have they exposed throughout the globe?

7. Answer any two of the following questions. [2×10=20]

a. Write a letter to your friend him/her about your plan and programme after this board examination of class eleven.

b. Write an account of one of the most important festivals celebrated in your province.

c. Giving focus on physical fitness, wellbeing and happiness of a man, write an essay on the importance of games and sports.

8. Change the following sentences below with in spite of (omit but, still). [5]


He looked tired. He still worked till evening.

In spite of the fact that he looked tired, he worked till evening.

a) He is young and energetic, but he does not like to work hard. 

b) There was a lot of space, but only a few people were invited.

c) They are well paid but they do not like to work hard.

d) Bicycles are easy to ride, but teenagers do not like it.

e) They were playing at home, but they lost the match.

9. Fill in the gaps with in, on, at whichever is correct. [5]

a) Tickets must be shown ………. the barrier.

b) There is a newspaper shop ………. my way to college.

c) My college is ………. the bank line.

d) There are two islands ………. the lake.

e) There are crowds of people ………. the lake having sunbath.

10. Write sentences how often Chandru does different things as in the example. [5]


Go swimming (Sunday, Tuesday, Friday)

He goes swimming three times a week.

a) Play basket ball (Saturday, Thursday)

b) Eat out (Saturdays)

c) Polish shoes (Sunday, Thursday, Friday)

d) Wash college dress (Saturday, Wednesday)

e) Telephone parents (Tuesday evenings)

11. Read the newspaper headlines below and explain what they mean. [5]


Express derailed at 90 mph:

An express train was derailed while it was travelling at 90 miles per hour.

a) Officer’s son kidnapped on the way to school.

b) Player fell on the road.

c) Man with drug arrested at the Bus Park.

d) Student caught by the invigilator.

e) Police arrested a culprit.

View the question paper of National Examination Board (NEB) Class 11 Compulsory English (002’B’) question paper of the year 2076/2019.

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