SEE Economics Optional I Question Paper | 2075 [2019] | RE-143

SEE Economics Optional I Question Paper 2075-2019 re-143. Check and download in pdf format – Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) question paper (exam paper) of Economics Optional I subject of the year 2075-2019.

Economics exam paper.

Secondary Education Examination (SEE) 

2075 (2019)


Code – RE-243

Time: 3 hours

Full Marks: 100

DOWNLOAD PDF | SEE Economics Optional I| RE-243 | Question Paper (Exam Paper)| 2075/2019.

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Answer all the questions. (सबै प्रश्नहरुको उत्तर दिनुहोस्।)

(Group ‘A’) [10×1=10]

Write very short answer to the following questions.

1. Write down any two expenditure heads included in total cost.

2. What is international market?

3. What happens to real wage when the price of the commodity increases?

4. What is meant by Development bank?

5. Write down any two sources to maintain deficit budget by the government.

6. What percentage of extra wage should be paid to the labour in capitalist sector than subsistence sector, according to Laws?

7. What is meaning by dualistic economy?

8. English any two goods that are major exportable from Nepal to other country.

9. What is meant by subsistence agriculture economy?

10. Though Nepal receives sufficient remittance from foreign employment, it has not been utilized properly. Suggest any one idea to utilize it.

(Group ‘B’) [12×5=60]

Write short answers to the following questions.

11. Fill the appropriate value in the blank space of the table given below, then construct suitable diagram for AR and MR.

एकाई (Q)कुल आय (TR)औसत आय (AR)सीमान्त आय (MR)

12. Define exchange. Explain its types with examples. [5]

13. What is meant by gross interest? What are the elements included in it? Explain. [5]

14. Define bank and briefly explain its types. [5]

15. Write down any five sources of Government revenue in brief. [5]

16. Suppose you are chairperson of your ward and Government has allocated Rs. 20 Lakhs for the development of your ward. Select developmental plan and prepare a balanced budget sheet in relation to it. [5]

17. Explain any five characteristics of Nepalese economy. [5]

18. Give brief introduction to Marxist theory of economic development. Write down three methods for capital accumulating adopted by capitalist to increase profit. [5]

19. Discuss the importance of foreign trade. [1+4=5]

20. Mention any five suggestions to reduce poverty in Nepal. [3+2=5]

21. Draw a Histogram from the following data. [5]

Marks Obtained0-2020-4040-6060-80
No. of Students510205

22. Compute mode from the following data: [5]

Class Interval10-2020-3030-4040-5050-6060-70

समूह ‘ग’ (Group ‘C’) [3×10=30]

Write long answers to any three of the following questions.

23. How is price determined under perfect complication market? Explain with the help of table and diagram. [2+4=4=10]

24. Explain Ricardian theory of rent with diagram. [10]

25. Explain functions of money in detail. [2+8=10]

26. Find out the mean and median from the following data. [5+5=10]

Class Interval0-2010-2020-3030-4040-50

View Secondary Education Examination (SEE) Optional I Economics Question Paper (Exam Paper) of the year 2075/2019.

Download in pdf see question paper of economics optional i subject code-re243 of the year 2075-2019.
See economics optional i question paper subject code-re-243 of the year 2075-2019.
2075-2019 see question paper of economics optional i of the year 2075-2019 Download in PDF.

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