SEE-Grade 10 Assessment, Result Publication and Certification Procedure 2077/2020.

On Tuesday June 23, 2020 [Ashadh 9, 2077], National Examination Board (NEB) has published the Student Assessment, Result Publication and Certification Procedure for the year 2077 BS/2020 AD for the Secondary Education Examination (SEE)-Grade 10.

Check SEE Class/Grade-10/X Parikshya Mulyankan, Natija Pramanikaran Karyabidhi 2077. SEE-Grade 10 Assessment, Result Publication and Certification Procedure 2077/2020.

Why the government of Nepal make a decision for SEE (Grade 10) assessment, evaluation and certification procedure for the academic year 2075-2076?

Because of COVID-19 pandemic remained uncertain, the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) Class/Grade 10 examinations of academic session 2075/2076 could not be conducted on scheduled date. So, the government of Nepal had decided to make SEE (Grade 10) examinations of academic year 2075/2076 based on the final assessment made by the concerned school in the case of class/grade 10 students mentioned in Section 48 (1) of the Education Act, 2028 (with amendments).

*The National Examination Board (NEB) has formulated the procedure as per the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Government of Nepal dated 2077-02-28 under the authority to remove the impediment mentioned in Article 20 of the Act.

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SEE 2075-2076/2020 Result will be published within Shrawan 15, 2077 (August, 2020).

#When will be the result of SEE academic year 2075-2076/2020?

As per Ram Raj Khakurel, Controller of Examinations of the National Examinations Board (NEB), the students of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) will get their final results within Shrawan 15, 2077. With the preparation of the evaluation results publication and certification procedure 2077 of Grade 10 students, the basis for evaluating the students has been decided and now the students are in a position to get their results within August of 2020. Everything is planned to be completed within the summer, except in cases of severe coronavirus infection. After the publication of the results, it is estimated that it will take a few days for the grade sheets and certificates of 483,000 students to be printed, the signature and seal of the Controller of Examinations to be affixed.

SEE Student Evaluation Procedure 2077/2020.

#Where to find the SEE student evaluation procedure 2077/2020?

The working procedure provides for the formation of an evaluation committee consisting of the headmaster of the school and the concerned class teacher and the senior teacher of the secondary level of the school. The committee will also work to certify the final assessment. The school is scheduled to make the final assessment of the students within 20 days and send them to the education development and coordination unit in the district.

The school has decided to determine the grade of the students by adding 10 percent marks on the basis of the results of the first quarterly examination, 30 percent marks on the basis of the second quarterly examination, and 60 percent marks on the final examination. The government has made a policy of giving the highest marks in the final examination.

SEE Assesment, Evaluation Information Submission Date 2077/2020.

#When is the SEE 2075/2076 assessment evaluation information submission final/last date?

The school has given the responsibility of sending the final assessment of the students to the National Examination Board through the Education Development and Coordination Unit in the district. The coordination unit has been given time to collect the records of all the schools in the district and send all the materials to the board within Ashad 30, 2077. View the notice by National examination board (NEB) below regarding 2077 SEE assessment evaluation submission date.

No SEE Supplementary Grade Increment Examinations will be taken for academic year 2075-2076 in 2077/2020.

#Will there be the SEE supplementary grade increment examinations in the year 2075-2076/2020?

After the publication of the results, the officials have informed that the procedure has been decided to re-apply, check the answer scripts, conduct re-examination, and do not have a supplementary grade increment examination. Earlier, the government had decided not to take the SEE examination of 2076 BS from the old system and recognized the internal assessment done by the school, but the process could not move forward due to a lack of procedures.

Click here to download the full document in pdf format published by the National Examination Board (NEB).

View the SEE-Grade 10 Assessment, Result Publication and Certification Procedure 2077/2020 published by National Examinations Board (NEB).

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